Tunes Catalog

Listing of Tunes in the various Lessons, Huddles, Events, and other offerings.  Note that this list includes tunes which are part of our paid/subscribers content and some will require active Memberships from Events or Patreon.

Boxwood Tune Catalog

TitleTunelist AlternatetitleTunelist TeacherTunelist WhereTunelist YearTunelist Genre
Cape Breton Medley on ACalum Crubach, Victoria Line, Margaree ReelChris NormanCanada2023Cape Breton
Telemann A major Methodical SonataRachel BrownCanada2023Baroque
Hotteterre Air from Musette MethodRachel BrownCanada2023Baroque
Corelli A major Violin Sonata op 5 no6Rachel BrownCanada2023Baroque
Telemann Sonatas For 2 FlutesRachel BrownCanada2023Baroque
Bourees for flute shortRachel BrownCanada2023Baroque
Glenorchy SetDrummond Castle/River Bend JigChris NormanCanada2023Cape Breton
Kadril Quadril UkrainianAdrianne GreenbaumCanada2023Klezmer
Reel de ChateauguayReel de la CaserneChris NormanCanada2023Acadian
Reel de St. TiteLittle Old Man, Old FrenchChris NormanCanada2023Acadian
Reel TadoussacChris NormanCanada2023Acadian
C major VariationsRachel BrownCanada2023Baroque
Gigues for FlutesRachel BrownCanada2023Baroque
Minuets for FlutesRachel BrownCanada2023Baroque
Gavottes for flutesRachel BrownCanada2023Baroque
Carolan 171Carolan's WelcomeChris NormanCanada2022Baroque, Irish
Oswald: Sonata of Scots TunesChris NormanCanada2022Baroque, Scottish
The ThistleChris NormanCanada2022Baroque
Reid Solo VIChris NormanCanada2022Baroque
There Were Three RavensShane LestideauAustralia2022English
Blackest CrowShane LestideauAustralia2022American
Biber Sonata RepresentativaShane LestideauAustralia2022Baroque
Eriskay Love LiltClaire PattiAustralia, Sea Aires Choir2022Scottish
A Round of three country dances in oneClaire PattiAustralia, Sea Aires Choir2022Renaissance
Siuil RunClaire PattiAustralia, Sea Aires Choir2022Irish
Queen’s MarshAndy RigbyAustralia2022Australian
Welsh HornpipesAndy RigbyAustralia2022Welsh
Come Ye Sons of ArtAndy RigbyAustralia2022Baroque
Harvest HomeAndy RigbyAustralia2022Irish
Parry’s StudyAndy RigbyAustralia2022Welsh
Rights of ManAndy RigbyAustralia2022Irish
Billy Bowden’sRyan WilliamsAustralia2022Australian
The Sea ShellsRyan WilliamsAustralia2022Australian
Jack Guthridge’sRyan WilliamsAustralia2022Australian
Ollie Watt’sRyan WilliamsAustralia2022Australian
IrodoriRyan WilliamsAustralia2022Other
More, čičo reče da me ženiRyan WilliamsAustralia2022Other
Boismortier Diverse PiecesGreg DikmansAustralia2022Baroque
Telemann FantasiasGreg DikmansAustralia2022Baroque
Maurice O’ConnorChris NormanTune Of The Month2022Irish
Howe’s JigChris NormanTune Of The Month2021American
Cold Frosty MorningChris NormanTune Of The Month2021Scottish
Tatter the RoadChris NormanTune Of The Month2020Irish
Norah CreenaghChris NormanTune Of The Month2020Irish
The BarrowburnChris NormanTune Of The Month2020Cape Breton, Scottish
Will Was a Wanton WagChris NormanTune Of The Month2020Irish
The Way to JudiqueChris NormanTune Of The Month2020Cape Breton
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