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Boxwood’s programming is now online with opportunities to explore traditional & early music with great artists in online workshops performances and gatherings. Our content is available as a subscription via Patreon at a variety of levels where all programs are archived for later viewing.  Here’s a summary of what’s on offer:

Tune of the Month with Chris Norman

Tune of the Month videos from Chris Norman (flute, whistle & small pipes). Chris shares great tunes from the Maritime Canadian melting pot (Cape Breton, Acadian, Down East, as well as popular tunes & rare gems from cornerstone collections going back to the 1500’s with tips and ideas on how to bring the music to life and find the groove. One video will be released per month, and you’ll have access to all new and archived videos; each will include downloadable PDFs of all tunes presented.

• Best of all, you’re supporting Boxwood and making our festivals possible!

Artist Huddle – 2x monthly

Tune of the Month plus:

Join us twice a month via Zoom for a visit with artists from the across the realms of trad, folk and early music. Chris Norman hosts these 1-hour sessions wherein we’ll get to know the artist, learn a few tunes, songs, and/or dances as well as some tips during a Q & A. 

Past Huddles have featured: Pascal GEMME – Quebecois fiddle, foot percussion, Jean-Michel VEILLONBreton flute, Tara DIAMOND – Irish flute, Yann FALQUET – guitar, Quebecois song, Nicholas WILLIAMS – Quebecois flute, accordion, Elizabeth Ford – Scottish flute,  Nic GAREISS – percussive dance, David GREENBERG – Cape Breton & baroque violin, Adrianne GREENBAUM – Klezmer (TBA), Alexa Raine-WRIGHT – baroque flute & recorder

and many more to come; let us know who you’d like to see featured! Subscribe to these from our Patreon page at the Octave level.

Perfect Fifth

Tune of the Month, and twice monthly Artist Huddles plus:

• A monthly private 30min. Zoom lesson/session with Boxwood’s director Chris Norman. Limited availability.
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Our programming is supported by you, our subscribers, with additional support from the Canadian Heritage Arts Presentation Fund, and the Province of Nova Scotia.


Patreon Posts

Howe’s Jig: Tune of the Month

We’re gearing up for July 1 (Canada Day) and July 4 (Independence Day) with the first in a set of two wonderful and historic jigs from the Revolutionary War. Lord Howe’s Jig was published in the Boston Gazette in 1777 with confusing instructions for the dance steps; to poke fun at the inscrutable strategy of

Margaret Stewart: Artist Huddle

Our January 23, 2021 visit with the renowned Gaelic singer Margaret Stewart was a delight. Margaret regaled us with a quick photographic and historical tour of the Isle-of-Lewis, and shared some beautiful songs. Her great passion for the songs and culture of her homeland, her many musical performances and recordings earned

Cold Frosty Morning: Tune of the Month

Happy Holidays! This month we dive into Cold Frosty Morning, a gorgeous Scottish tune from the 18th c. You’ll find the original version in Oswald’s Pocket Companion in Book IV. We also have a look at a beautiful and interesting flute from Regency Era

Tatter the Road

I’m finally back home and our delayed November 2020 Tune of the Month has arrived! Tatter the Roadis a classic tune from the George Petrie Collection by way of P.W. Joyce, and it’s the second installment for our set of Single Jigs. I’m looking forward to playing these mossy tunes with you in 2021! See

Nicholas Williams: Artist Huddle

Dance musician par exellence and musical polyglot Nicholas Williams joins us to discuss his flute, accordion, singing, composing and arranging in traditional Quebecois, Old-Time, Swedish, and Irish music. He shares an in-depth look at his ideas about playing Quebecois music on the flute including details of phrasing, articulation and ornamentation. He teaches us the Reel

Norah Creenagh: Tune of the Month

Another excellent request for our October 2020 Tune of the Month: A closer look at one of  the many varieties of jigs. This will be the first of two-parts looking at Single Jigs, and we’ll create a set of two uniquely gorgeous tunes, of which this will be the 2nd. Norah Creenagh (clever Norah) featured

Artist Huddle: David Greenberg

Cape Breton and baroque violin master David Greenberg is our guest as we hear about his unique career and musical philosophy, and learn some beautiful tunes associated with Jerry Holland. To download PDFs of the tunes presented here, and learn about his upcoming classes and concerts visit David’s website at

Alexa Raine-Wright: Artist Huddle

The Montreal based baroque flute and recorder virtuoso Alexa Raine-Wright joined us on 10 October, 2020 to discuss her musical trajectory and work with Infusion Baroque and Flute Alors. She teaches us Boismortier’s Rigadon from his Deuxième Suite en Sol majeur, op.

The Barrowburn: Tune of the Month

This month we had a member request! The Scottish reel: Barrowburn was composed by Addie Harper and it’s a fun tune, widely played in Scottish, Irish, and New England contradance circles.  As always, let me know what you

Artist Huddle: Adrianne Greenbaum

Klezmer Queen Adrianne Greenbaum joins us for a wonderful and informative Artist Huddle; diving into the history and context of Klezmer in Eastern Europe and in North America, and its long history with the flute. She shares some of her musical philosophy, experiences and some great tunes. Here are links to collections that AG