Join us online for workshops, tunes, performances and more!

Boxwood is bringing it’s programming online with opportunities to explore traditional & early music with great artists in online workshops performances and gatherings. Our content will be available as a subscription via Patreon at a variety of levels. Kids Online can be accessed by email registration.  Here’s a summary of what’s on offer:

Tune of the Month with Chris Norman

Tune of the Month videos from Chris Norman (flute, whistle & small pipes). Chris will share great tunes from the Maritime Canadian melting pot (Cape Breton, Acadian, Down East, as well as popular tunes & rare gems from cornerstone collections going back to the 1500’s with tips and ideas on how to bring the music to life and find the groove. One video will be released per month, and you’ll have access to all new and archived videos; each will include downloadable PDFs of all tunes presented.

• Best of all, you’re supporting Boxwood and making our festivals possible!

Artist Huddle – 2x monthly

Tune of the Month plus:

Join us twice a month via Zoom for a visit with artists from the across the realms of trad, folk and early music. Chris Norman will host these 1-hour sessions wherein we’ll get to know the artist, learn a few tunes, songs, and/or dances as well as some tips during a Q & A. Many of our 2020 artists will be featured including:

Pascal GEMME – Quebecois fiddle, foot percussion (12 July, 2020)
Jean-Michel VEILLONBreton flute (21 July, 2020)
Tara DIAMOND – Irish flute (8 August, 2020)
Yann FALQUET – guitar, Quebecois song (22 August, 2020)
Nicholas WILLIAMS – Quebecois flute, accordion (TBA)
Edel FOX – Irish concertina (TBA)
Nick HALLEY – percussion, rhythm, keyboards (TBA)
Nic GAREISS – percussive dance
David GREENBERG – Cape Breton & baroque violin (TBA)
Adrianne GREENBAUM – Klezmer (TBA)
Alexa Raine-WRIGHT – baroque flute & recorder (TBA)

and many more to come; let us know who you’d like to see featured! Subscribe to these from our Patreon page at the Octave level.

Perfect Fifth

Tune of the Month, and twice monthly Artist Huddles plus:

• A monthly private 30min. Zoom lesson/session with Boxwood’s director Chris Norman. Limited availability.
• You’re one of Boxwood’s Guardian Angels!

Subscribe to these from our Patreon page at the Perfect Fifth level.

Boxwood Kids Online!

We invite kids and their families to join our Boxwood Kids events via Zoom. Hosted by Ingrid, Rebecca, Shannon and Shelley with some surprise guests, these 1-hour sessions are aimed to kids age 7-13 (ish) and will get you going on uke, pennywhistle, songs and crafts! There will be 5 sessions during July, 2020. Classes begin on July 6, 2020.


Patreon Posts

Join us for an Artist Huddle with Tara Diamond

The renowned Irish flute player Tara Diamond will be our guest Saturday August 8 at 8pm (UTC +1) or 3pm (EDT). Tara comes from Comber, Co. Down and learned her early music from her father Leslie Bingham, who was also a flute player. Tara was influenced by musicians such as Paddy Tyrell from Dundalk (flute

Artist Huddle: Jean-Michel Veillon

Our July 21 Artist Huddle featured one of the greats of Breton music: Jean-Michel Veillon. We learned a few beautiful Breton tunes and explored some of the techniques, ideas and philosophy behind Jean-Michel’s remarkable flute

Artist Huddle with Jean-Michel Veillon

Join us for a Boxwood Artist Huddle this Tuesday July 21 at 3pm EDT (UTC -4) for a visit with one of the all-time greats of Breton music, and perennial favorite at Boxwood : Jean-Michel Veillon. Jean-Michel is best known  as a founding member of the highly praised KORNOG, PENNOU SKOULM, DEN, BARZAZ, TOUD’SAMES, Alain GENTY Group,

Tune of the Month: July 2020

In our July 2020 Tune of the Month, Chris dives into a classic Cape Breton jig The Way to Judique. Enjoy – and send us your

Artist Huddle: Pascal Gemme

Our July 12, 2020 Artist Huddle featured the irrepressible Quebecois fiddler, singer, composer and podorythmie purveyor Pascal Gemme. We learn some great tunes and enjoy a chat exploring the some of the history and regional styles in the traditional music of Quebec and

Artist Huddle with Pascal Gemme: July 12, 8pm EST

Join us for a Boxwood Artist Huddle with the irrepressible fiddler, composer & singer Pascal Gemme, one of the leading lights of the Quebecois traditional music scene. I’ll have a chat with Pascal about his music, he’ll share a few tunes with us, and we’ll finish with your your questions and comments. As with all

Happy Canada Day! (update)

Hi Everybody,Thanks so much for your support of Boxwood online! Your response has been really heartwarming and inspiring. We’re off to a great start thanks to you.• Boxwood’s Tune of the Month is coming along . . . just waiting for a few bits & bobs to complete an upgrade of wires and electronic bits;

A New Boxwood!

Welcome to Boxwood Online!  As we’re celebrating our 25 Anniversary at a distance, we’re now bringing you a plethora of Boxwood programming with content for all ages, and all musical abilities.  So join us in this new journey watch this space as we see where things may take us.  We’ll be adding items for our

Monthly Tunes

Our Patreon Fundamental members will find their monthly tunes posted on both the Tune Of The Month and the Members pages.  The Members page will also show posts for any other items they are subscribed to.  Watch for announcements of these and other posts on our Patreon Page, in our Discord, and anywhere else fine