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Boxwood’s programming is now online with opportunities to explore traditional & early music with great artists in online workshops performances and gatherings. Our content is available as a subscription via Patreon at a variety of levels where all programs are archived for later viewing.  Here’s a summary of what’s on offer:

Tune of the Month with Chris Norman

Tune of the Month videos from Chris Norman (flute, whistle & small pipes). Chris shares great tunes from the Maritime Canadian melting pot (Cape Breton, Acadian, Down East, as well as popular tunes & rare gems from cornerstone collections going back to the 1500’s with tips and ideas on how to bring the music to life and find the groove. One video will be released per month, and you’ll have access to all new and archived videos; each will include downloadable PDFs of all tunes presented.

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Artist Huddle – 2x monthly

Tune of the Month plus:

Join us twice a month via Zoom for a visit with artists from the across the realms of trad, folk and early music. Chris Norman hosts these 1-hour sessions wherein we’ll get to know the artist, learn a few tunes, songs, and/or dances as well as some tips during a Q & A. 

Past Huddles have featured: Pascal GEMME – Quebecois fiddle, foot percussion, Jean-Michel VEILLONBreton flute, Tara DIAMOND – Irish flute, Yann FALQUET – guitar, Quebecois song, Nicholas WILLIAMS – Quebecois flute, accordion, Elizabeth Ford – Scottish flute,  Nic GAREISS – percussive dance, David GREENBERG – Cape Breton & baroque violin, Adrianne GREENBAUM – Klezmer (TBA), Alexa Raine-WRIGHT – baroque flute & recorder

and many more to come; let us know who you’d like to see featured! Subscribe to these from our Patreon page at the Octave level.

Perfect Fifth

Tune of the Month, and twice monthly Artist Huddles plus:

• A monthly private 30min. Zoom lesson/session with Boxwood’s director Chris Norman. Limited availability.
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Our programming is supported by you, our subscribers, with additional support from the Canadian Heritage Arts Presentation Fund, and the Province of Nova Scotia.


Patreon Posts

Lisa Ornstein: Artist Huddle

Don’t miss this wonderful Artist Huddle with fiddle virtuoso Lisa Ornstein, an outstanding interpreter of the traditional music of French Canada and Appalachia, blending compelling and inventive playing with impeccable tune choice. Befriended by North Carolina fiddle legend Tommy Jarrell while she was in her teens, Lisa quickly became an accomplished

Hatao & Nami: Artist Huddle

Don’t miss our visit with two of the leading lights of Celtic and Scandinavian music in Japan: Hatao & Nami; Tomoaki Hatakeyama (wooden transverse flute) and Nami Uehara (harp & piano) are among the finest traditional musicians in Japan. Although their considerable career as professional musicians has so far mainly taken

Alexis Chartrand: Artist Huddle

Our Huddle with Boxwood favorite, Alexis Chartrand, musician par-excellence and fiddler from Montréal is here.  Alexis has been active in the Québécois traditional music scene for his entire life; known for his energetic accompaniment of step-dancing and social dances. His interest in Québécois, Irish and Scottish fiddle styles informs his playing, along

Grey Larsen: Artist Huddle

You’ll enjoy our Artist Huddle with Grey Larsen,  a versatile and accomplished musician and an author of books on Irish music. As a wonderful bonus, we’re joined by his musical & life partner Cindy Kallet for a song and guitar. Grey leads a varied and rich musical life in Bloomington, Indiana

Hamish Moore: Artist Huddle

The influential piper & pipe maker Hamish Moore is our guest for a wonderful and wide-ranging Artist Huddle. Both as a piper and as a pipemaker, Hamish Moore has had a vital impact on the Scottish piping scene over the past three decades, particularly in what has become known as the

Hamish Napier: Artist Huddle

Be sure to check out this insightful and inspiring Huddle with Hamish Napier,  a multi-talented musician (flute, keyboards, song, composition and producer) from Strathspey in the Scottish Highlands. For over a decade he was an integral part of Glasgow’s vibrant folk music scene, whilst also touring in Europe and North America with Scottish folk quartet

Jane Lenoir: Artist Huddle

You’ll enjoy our Huddle with the virtuoso Brazilian Choro flutist Jane Lenoir. Jane grew up in a family of professional musicians in Tampa, Florida and left at 15 years old to study at Interlochen Arts Academy and later Oberlin College Conservatory of Music. She has a career spanning many different styles

Louise Mulcahy: Artist Huddle

Louise Mulcahy joined us for a memorable Artist Huddle rich with beautiful music and thoughtful insights. She  is an internationally renowned performer on both uilleann pipes and flute, and joined us for Boxwood Canada in 2016. She is a member of the highly acclaimed Mulcahy family, and with her father Mick

Lulian Pusca: Artist Huddle

Moldovan Pan Flute virtuoso Lulian Pusca shares a deep-dive into the history and traditions of the instrument. He plays the classic Hora Stacatto by Grigoraş Dinicu (April 3, 1889 – March 28, 1949), the famous Romanian composer and violinist at the 40:00′ mark. Many thanks to Lulian for pulling together so

Tim Cummings: Artist Huddle

Our guest is the wonderful Vermont-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Timothy Cummings. Tim is chiefly a piper and whistle player who enjoys an uncommonly diverse repertoire.  His music spans from contemporary and sacred music to the traditional melodies of the British Isles, Appalachia, Cape Breton, Brittany, and beyond. Tim is currently on