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Hi Everybody! – Join me each month as we explore great tunes from the Maritime Canadian melting pot (Cape Breton, Acadian, Down East, as well as popular tunes & rare gems from cornerstone Canadian, American, Scottish, Irish, English & French collections going back to the 1500’s with tips and ideas on how to bring the music to life and find the groove.

Along the way we’ll get right down to brass tacks with some thoughts on elements of technique, phrasing and options for ornamentation. Each video will include downloadable PDFs of all tunes presented. You can subscribe to these videos at our Patreon page at the Fundamental level.


Maurice O’Connor

Finally, a tune by Carolan for our Tune of the Month archive! This one is a gem that’s rarely heard, and a joy to play. Maurice O’Connor spent his career in London as a successful lawyer and real estate investor before returning home to Ireland around 1725. His home(s) were a

Howe’s Jig

We’re gearing up for July 1 (Canada Day) and July 4 (Independence Day) with the first in a set of two wonderful and historic jigs from the Revolutionary War. Lord Howe’s Jig was published in the Boston Gazette in 1777 with confusing instructions for the dance steps; to poke fun at the inscrutable strategy of

Cold Frosty Morning

Happy Holidays! This month we dive into Cold Frosty Morning, a gorgeous Scottish tune from the 18th c. You’ll find the original version in Oswald’s Pocket Companion in Book IV. We also have a look at a beautiful and interesting flute from Regency Era

Tatter the Road

I’m finally back home and our delayed November 2020 Tune of the Month has arrived! Tatter the Roadis a classic tune from the George Petrie Collection by way of P.W. Joyce, and it’s the second installment for our set of Single Jigs. I’m looking forward to playing these mossy tunes with you in 2021! See

Norah Creenagh

Another excellent request for our October 2020 Tune of the Month: A closer look at one of  the many varieties of jigs. This will be the first of two-parts looking at Single Jigs, and we’ll create a set of two uniquely gorgeous tunes, of which this will be the 2nd. Norah Creenagh (clever Norah) featured

The Barrowburn

This month we had a member request! The Scottish reel: Barrowburn was composed by Addie Harper and it’s a fun tune, widely played in Scottish, Irish, and New England contradance circles.  As always, let me know what you

Will Was a Wanton Wag

Chris shares the great old Scottish tune ‘Will was a Wanton Wag’ (aka Lady Streathelen’s Tune). While not played so much nowadays, this super-catchy tune is fun to play, and beguiled the likes of Robert Burns and Franz Josef Haydn in its day. You may have a hard time getting it out of your head!

The Way to Judique

In our July 2020 Tune of the Month, Chris dives into a classic Cape Breton jig The Way to Judique. Enjoy – and send us your

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