Boxwood Canada

Work Study


Positions available - Application required

A limited number of work study positions are available. At Boxwood many hands make light work, and new friends. This is a great way to be at the center of the festival, meet lots of amazing people, have fun helping out, and reduce the cost of attending. The Work Study option reduces the overall fee for tuition by approximately $300 CAD. Our Work Study participants volunteer roughly 20 hours of duty during the week amounting to an hourly reduction of approximately $15/hr (CAD). Additionally, Work Study participants receive priority in our Billeting Program. Most jobs relate to initial food prep, dining room set-up for meals and kitchen clean-up following meals. Working on a rotational schedule, students will likely not miss classes. Scheduling may be negotiated at the beginning of the week if the student risks missing an event of particular interest.

Our work study positions are allocated with preference given to teens and young adults, but all are encouraged to apply. The Work-Study tasks are vital to the smooth operation of the festival, and the right mix of skills, ages, and enthusiasm will make for an effective and fun group.

You'll hear from us in short-order. Upon approval and receipt of full payment of tuition you'll be all set. There are no refunds for Work Study participants after May 1, 2017.

All Work Study participants MUST be present at 1PM on Sunday July 23 at the Lunenburg District Fire Hall for an orientation and scheduling meeting and to commence work. Please make your travel plans accordingly - later arrivals (except in the case of travel delays) will not be eligible for the Work Study Program. For further information contact us by e.mail.