Boxwood Canada

Boxwood Teens

General Information

We welcome young ages 12-17 for five days filled with musical challenges met in a supportive community.

This program is designed especially to meet the needs of young adults, combining the adult immersive sessions with teens-only opportunities.

Participants will be encouraged to develop their abilities as musicians while they explore themselves as individuals. We ask participants to define what it means to support each other in a community of fellow artists, all the while emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning.

All instruments represented in the Boxwood teaching faculty are welcome. Young musicians whose background has been based entirely in the classical tradition are especially welcome to attend. All that is needed is an open mind ready for new experiences!

Goals of the program include:

  • MUSICALITY: personalized coaching will stretch your playing skills as both a soloist and an ensemble member
  • REPERTOIRE: morning sessions with renowned artists will give you exposure to musical traditions from around the world
  • INSTRUMENT MAKING: participants will have an opportunity to make a ukelele from start to finish.
  • COMMUNITY: shared experiences help us explore the questions "How do musicians work together?" and "How can these teamwork skills transfer to other parts of our lives?"
  • MUSIC THEORY: go beyond the norm with exposure to modes, composition, and intensive ear training
  • CONFIDENCE: take risks and explore the difference self-knowledge makes
  • INDEPENDENCE: teens are able to choose their schedules, while being given support and supervision as appropriate
  • IDENTITY: exploring connections between musical traditions and their history helps us to know who we are today - or who we want to become
  • PATHFINDING: obtain exposure to careers in the arts through Boxwood's faculty, and fields as diverse as aerospace engineering and museum design from adult Boxwood participants

The Teen Program is essentially the same as the adult schedule, with enhancements including lunches with Boxwood's guest artists to explore their paths and careers, performances, and fun activities for teens only.

Faculty and Artists include:

  • Boxwood's renowned guest artists - all adult sessions are open to teens
  • Lisa GILBERT - community building, pathfinding, program coordination
  • private lessons and small classes also available from our guest artists. Let us know what your teen is interested on the registration form or in an email.

Performance opportunities

We emphasize artistic excellence and service to one's community. On the Saturday morning of the festival, teens will offer a performance at a local nursing home. Whether you play an instrument, sing, or dance, this is an opportunity to share your gift with an appreciative audience. Teens may also be included in Thursday night's talent show, joining adult participants for this annual tradition. This evening is a highlight of the festival and all are welcome to attend this celebration of the experiences Boxwood's community has shared over the week.


Teens must bring guardians with them. These may be parents or adults designated by parents. Guardians are legally responsible for their teen for the duration of the program. Guardians register either with a Guest Pass or as a Regular Participant, both of which include 6 great suppers and entry to all Boxwood evening concerts and ceilis. (A Special Note to American participants: teens accompanied by adults other than parents/guardians need notes signed by those individuals in order to cross the border into Canada.)

Registration includes 7 days of programming with 5 days of hands on immersive sessions, public programs, activities, and 6 great suppers. This program is specifically designed for those aged 13-17. Teens may also apply as a Work Study to further reduce the cost.
$500 CAD ($400 USD) - regular
$250 CAD ($200 USD) Teen Work Study



Registration for Boxwood 2018 is limited and is filled on a first come first serve basis upon full payment of all fees. Places cannot be held with a deposit. No Refunds will be made after June 15, 2018. Refund requests made on or before June 15, 2018 will receive a refund within 30 days of receipt of the full amount paid minus a $50 administrative charge. There are no refunds for work study participants after May 1, 2018. Cancellations prior to this time will be subject to the abovementioned $50 administrative charge.